OTC Self-service on BITNIK portal

How to request an exchange of your assets

If you have successfully passed the onboarding process, we warmly welcome you and thank you for your trust. You can now safely apply for an exchange of your assets.

In this article we want to show you the ways you can request an exchange of your funds, whether you need to exchange cryptocurrencies to fiat or fiat for cryptocurrencies

You can make a request to exchange your assets through our BITNIK portal, where you have successfully completed the onboarding process.

  1. In the left sidebar, go to the OTC section

In this section you will see all your previous and future exchange requests, where you can find various details about your trades.

  1. Click on the “New OTC Trade Request” button on the right side of the screen.

3. After clicking the “New OTC Trade Request” button, you will be redirected to a very simple and intuitive trade request form. 

  1. Select the funds you are selling
  2. Select the funds you are buying
  3. Select the Fixed Asset Buy or Fixed Asset Sell option
  4. Insert the amount you want to exchange
  5. Enter your IBAN account number or your crypto wallet address depending on what you are buying or selling
  6. Then press the “next” button

4. You will then see a summary of your request, which you can check.

If you find a mistake or need to edit something else, you can use the “back” button to change that thing. If everything is correct, confirm your request with the “Confirm and Submit” button

After confirmation, we will receive notification of your request. We will prepare a contract for you, which we will send to your email inbox and which you will also electronically sign (it is very simple and intuitive).

When you sign the contract, you can send the funds to the IBAN or crypto address you will find in the contract.

If you do not wish to request an exchange through our portal, you can contact us at our email address info@bitnik.eu, on WhatsApp +386 40 532 921, or call us at +386 1 777 42 43.