Bitnik proudly announces a new 1-way bitcoin ATM, the first bitcoin ATM in eastern Slovenia.
It is located at, a store with digital and electronic goods, in the centre of the city Celje. is an online gizzmo shop. Bitcoin ATM is located in their beautiful physical store at Ljubljanska 8, 3000 Celje.

The opening hours:
Monday – Friday: 9am – 5.30pm
Saturday: 8am to 12am (noon)

Parking is usually available right in front of the store (for a shorter period of time – blue parking zone).

The new Bitnik bitcoin ATM is an one-way ATM, meaning you can buy bitcoins with euro notes. The fee charged is only 4,2%, making this bitcoin ATM among the most affordable in Europe. The limit is EUR 4900,- per transaction.

In case you encounter any problems while using our Bitnik bitcoin ATM, please contact us directly at: or give us a call: +386 1 777 42 43

Browse some gizmos, relax and buy some bitcoins with style. The link to our tutorial video How to buy Bitcoin in 3 easy steps.

Yes, it is that simple.
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