Locations of the Bitcoin ATMs
Support and assistance when buying and selling

Buying/Selling bigger amounts of cryptocurrencies

Besides running Lamassu ATM˙s in Slovenia and service LoCoins we also offer buys or sells of higher amounts of cryptocurrencies. For more information contact us at e-mail or telephone.

cryptocurrencies available are : bitcoin, bitcoin cash, litecoin, ether, ripple, monero …

Procedure for buying higher amounts then 1000 eur consists of bank wire/transaction and KYC.

– send us an email.
– define time slot for a meeting.
(We are available every working day between 2pm to 4pm. Location of our office will be displayed once you pick a time.)
– when we have all the necessary documents (meeting, agreement, crypto address/bank account and transaction ID) we complete your order. From the amount for buying or sold we deduct our fee and the rest transfer to agreed address.
– after finalized order we send you recapitulation of your order.

For any extra questions we are available at previously mentioned channels.

Terms of use

On Bitnik bitcoin ATM you can buy or sell bitcoins.
You can find them in Ljubljana, Maribor, Celje and Koper.
Bitcoin returns the power of money to the people