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Bitnik is the leading Slovenian bitcoin company that has been successfully operating bitcoin automation since 2014. As bitcoin experts we can also advise and arrange bitcoin business and accounting, or we perform major purchase of bitcoins.


Do you want to buy a larger number of bitcoins at a time? Please contact us, we will be happy to assist you. Safe, professional and fast. The purchase of a larger number of bitcoins has never been more simple.


Bitnik provides advice and assistance in the purchase, use and safe storage of bitcoins. Contact us for meetings, workshops or seminars for individuals and businesses. We'll be happy to share our knowledge and experience with you.


Are you doing business abroad? Do you want to reduce the cost of bank transfers and run 24/7 business? Do you want to introduce a bitcoin, because it is the cheapest and fastest means of payment? Contact us!


For the purpose of transparent accounting, we have developed an app Reload, which enables automatic additional purchase of bitcoins and reporting. Successful accounting has never been easier.
Support and assistance when buying and selling

Bitnik video “Bitcoin in Ljubljana”, a new project to inform the general public about the benefits and use of bitcoin. The project was started back in the summer, with great pleasure we announce that the video is currently in post-production and will be presented very, very soon, so stay tuned!

A big thank you to all participants for your good will, time, help, smiles and commitment, you were wonderful!

Masters of cameras and editing: Andro Kajzer & Mark Pirc
androkajzer & markpirc

Special thanks for the music to: Gramatikgramatik

Performing actors:
Carol Gutierrez, Domen Dijak, Špela Ema Veble, Janez Vidrih, Meteia Kogoj, Uma, Žiga Rangus, Cherry Darling, Nejc, Ema Levstek, Nina Ambrož, Nina Vidrih, Cristian Herrera, Tripi
& Atelje PonoreliiAtelje Ponorelii:
Gea Erjavec, Taja Devi, Alenka Krč in Damir Raković

Participant merchants:
Hostel Tresorhostel-tresor
LWGN: Žiga & Cherrylwgn
Bananaway: bananaway
Bazilka Družina: Luka Cerarbazilika
Frizerstvo Robert: Robert & Nejcurednistvo-pricesk
Repete: Ljubo & UrškaRepete
Musguard & Jurij Lozićmusguard

Special thanks for your help, brainstorming and support: Boštjan Pirnarminimal

Special thanks to Boris Arivuković
Thank you for your bike Miha Jensterle
Thanks for studio: Luka Uršič & Urša Vidic

Your Bitnik team

If you would like to support the project in the spirit of Bitcoin, you can donate at the following public bitcoin address: 17uWpStra9EAiSSFZEzmpWw9gWLb7nrp7

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  • Bitnik video “Bitcoin in Ljubljana”29.10.2014

    Bitnik video “Bitcoin in Ljubljana”, a new project to inform the general public about the benefits and use of bitcoin. The project was started back in the summer, with great pleasure we announce that the video is currently in post-production [...]
  • Bitnik & BitPay30.8.2014

    We are pleased to announce that Bitnik became the official affiliate integration partner of the company BitPay, one of the leading companies in the field of integration bitcoins for business and payment systems. In August BitPay announced the cancellation [...]
  • Bitnik video – announcement25.8.2014

    Bitnik’s are starting a new project – filming a short video “Bitcoin in Ljubljana”. With this project we would like to introduce Bitcoin to a wider public and demonstrate the advantages of its use. We are thanking all the wonderful [...]
  • Press about us23.5.2014

    On Čopova purchase bitcoins in less than a minute “Our children will soon begin to receive pocket money in bitcoins. They will easily use it in the virtual world, for micro-payments in games and forums, ” says Peter Trcek from the Bitnik [...]
  • Lamassu device awarded for best design22.5.2014

    This weekend at the Bitcoin conference in Amsterdam, Ƀitnik – Lamassu device, received the imminent award of the Bitcoin community (#BlockChainAward) for the best design in the category of devices for purchasing bitcoins. The awarded prize of 1 [...]
    Bitnik WEB
  • PRESS RELEASE / PRESS CONFERENCE, 21.05.201421.5.2014

    First BITNIK/Lamassu ATM in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Is Now Open to the Public A young Slovenian startup called Bitnik ( has launched the first Bitnik Lamassu ATM at the hostel Tresor on the most central Copova Street in Ljubljana yesterday. [...]
  • TO THE MOON – Bitnik Bitcoin launch15.5.2014

    On tuesday, 20th of May 2014 from 6 to 9pm the first Bitnik, device for buying bitcoins, will be launched at hostel Tresor on Čopova 38 in Ljubljana. Bitcoin is digital currency of the future because it is independent of the central authorities; transfers [...]
On Bitnik bitcoin ATM you can buy or sell bitcoins.
You can find them in Ljubljana, Maribor, Celje and Koper.
Bitcoin returns the power of money to the people