Locations of the Bitcoin ATMs
Support and assistance when buying and selling


Infra-Investments d.o.o. is offering crypto currency related services

enabling quick and easy purchase or selling of Bitcoins (other cryptocurrencies) on our Bitnik bitcoin ATM and by wire transfer
advising and assisting in purchase, selling, storage and use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies
integration and setup of Bitcoin acceptance as a means of payment for individuals, merchants and general businesses
…for our services we are also accepting bitcoins
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donations are a common way to show gratitude in the bitcoin ecosystem… if we have already helped you with our services or advices for free, you are welcome to use the donation address.
Our public bitcoin address is:
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On Bitnik bitcoin ATM you can buy or sell bitcoins.
You can find them in Ljubljana, Maribor, Celje and Koper.
Bitcoin returns the power of money to the people