First BITNIK/Lamassu ATM in Ljubljana, Slovenia, Is Now Open to the Public

A young Slovenian startup called Bitnik ( has launched the first Bitnik Lamassu ATM at the hostel Tresor on the most central Copova Street in Ljubljana yesterday. The first Bitnik is now open to the public 24/7.

As of 20th of May, the day of the Bitnik – Lamassu launch, the hostel Tresor, where the Bitcoin ATM is located, has started to accept Bitcoins as the first B&B in the state.

The CEO of Bitnik, Peter Trcek, believes that “launching the first Bitnik ATM in the core center of Ljubljana will support spreading knowledge and awareness about Bitcoin positive aspects and facilitate its adaptation in the city and wider region. Bitniks will also spread their knowledge and believes in order to facilitate the adoption of Bitcoin payments and commerce. It is our goal to rise the knowledge about Bitcoin in Slovenia.”

Although Slovenia quotes quite high on the Coinmap, in respect to the population number of 2 million inhabitants and the fact that at least 50 retailers, commerce’s or small entrepreneurs have already integrated Bitcoin payments, the wider public remains skeptical and reserved, or simply uninformed in respect to the digital currency of the new financial area.

On September 11. & 12. 2014, the first Bitcoin Conference for Central and East Europe is going to be held in Ljubljana (, just a few steps away from the hostel Tresor, where the first Bitnik Lamassu ATM has been launched. Lets see and hope, that the Slovenian Bitcoin community manages to transform Ljubljana into a city for Bitcoin lovers and enthusiasts.

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